Our Story - Custom Jewelry, Pins, Charms and Fundraisers by Curly Girlz

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A Message From Our Mom…

"Curly Girlz strike a chord with almost anyone, but young girls and moms really love my Girlz! Curly Girlz capture their imagination as they ‘see themselves’ in miniature form representing their hobby or sport, or perhaps the interests of their child or grandchild. It is extremely fulfilling to be able to light up a child’s face with a smile or to invite people to connect with their inner child for just a moment in the midst of a grown-up, fast-paced world. At Curly Girlz, we love to create smiles and capture memories!
                                                                                                       - Nickie Olivier, President, CEO and Head of Design

The First Born…

Our first Curly Girlz was "born" in 2006 and she was a team gift for a local cheerleading squad. Little did we know how much love she would receive and how her story would resonate with others creating a demand to expand our Curly Girlz family! Soon her siblings were sprouting up faster than we could count and we were overwhlemed with love and smiles for our ever-expanding Curly Girlz family. Gymnasts, ballet dancers, Irish dancers, soccer players, football players, band members, etc. were all born to share their stories and put a smile on people’s faces.

Growing Up and Letting Go…

Curly Girlz’ influence on children, parents and grandparents continued to explode and our special Girlz were soon traveling across the country and around the world. Six of our cherished Curly Girlz found a home in Ireland with the members of the musical group, The Chieftans! Others settled down in places like Australia, Scotland and England. While we hate to see our Girlz leave us so soon after their birth, we know they are providing a special place in the hearts of others around the world!

Born in America, Crafted with Love

Made in America, Curly Girlz commits its full effort to manufacture affordable, high quality, custom-designed products while promoting fun, team spirit and traditional family values! Designed to be a mini-me of you, Curly Girlz can pin to your shirt or bag or can be made into a key chain, necklace or Christmas ornament. Every pin is completely handmade and designed to recognize personal achievements throughout your life.

Thanks for viewing our story. We hope you love your Curly Girlz as much as we love making them for you!

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