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Nickie Olivier, President, CEO and Head of Design

As president, CEO and head of design and product development at Curly Girlz, Inc., Nickie Olivier’s days are filled with new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis. Life with Curly Girlz is never dull or boring.  Every day is a new adventure just waiting to be explored!

As a homemaker while her kids were young, Nickie supplemented the family income with various positions in resort lodging, office management, customer service and many other entrepreneurial endeavors, but never felt her creative spirit was used effectively. Nickie found a way to capture and cultivate her artistic talent and spirit with Curly Girlz in 2006 and has never looked back.

When Nickie is not developing new and interesting Curly Girlz, she can be found gardening, quilting, sewing, or creating music.

What makes Nickie passionate about Curly Girlz?
"I am continually energized by the creative possibilities that inspire the design of these tiny people.  Seeing the process flow from idea to reality is rewarding, but watching customers react to our product is incredibly satisfying. First, they are caught by curiosity, then surprised and delighted to instantly relate to our product that is unique, memorable and affordable."

Darrell Olivier, Vice President and CFO

Darrell Olivier is vice president and CFO of Curly Girlz, Inc. with responsibility for new market research, website development and accounting. Prior to his role at Curly Girlz, Darrell held several positions in sales, marketing, wholesale distribution and finance.
Over his 30+ year career, Darrell was a money market sales manager at American Money Market Securities, an industrial accounts receivables manager, operations manager and sales and marketing manager at Clark Security Products and an order desk and marketing representative at Wetherill & Associates. He left the nine to five corporate world in 2013 to help his wife, Nickie, grow the business and achieve her goals as a female entrepreneur.
When Darrell is not researching new markets for Curly Girlz, you can find him recording and playing music. Darrell is a professional drummer who has toured nationally and internationally with Ray Charles, Charlie Pride, Perry Como and Mack Davis.
What makes Darrell passionate about Curly Girlz?
"Being a part of developing and marketing our Curly Girlz product line brings out the creative side of me -- much like writing and performing music. It’s great to be a part of something that brings people pure joy. I never get tired of seeing the reaction of children and adults when they see our pins for the first time."

Orlando, FL 34481
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